Colered tents for a funeral 

In recent years, a new development has become apparent. Death, and all that has to do with the final farewell and funerals, is becoming more visible and explicit. 

People want to take leave of their loved ones in their own, personal way.

Having a mourning tent suits this development, allowing you to arrange a personal farewell to the deceased in his or her own immediate environment. 

The mourning tent can be furnished appropriately and made personal with a photograph or painting, or something typical for that person such as an open book, or even a bicycle. Candles and incense or an aromatic oil lamp with a characteristic scent are also among the options.

The mourning tent can also serve for condolence visits. The tent can thus prove useful to everyone seeking to create a personalised farewell.

Maharadja Tents has a range of colorfull models that can be used as mourning tent. Our organisation is moreover able to help fulfill your wishes in a suitable manner.
Mourning is, in the simplest sense, grief over someone's death. The word is also used to describe a cultural complex of behaviours in which the bereaved participate or are expected to participate. Customs vary between cultures and evolve over time, though many core behaviors remain constant.

Wearing black clothes is one practice followed in many countries, though other forms of dress are seen. Those most affected by the loss of a loved one often observe a period of grieving, marked by withdrawal from social events and quiet, respectful behavior. People may follow religious traditions for such occasions.

Mourning may apply to the death of, or anniversary of the death of, an important individual like a local leader, monarch, religious figure, etc. State mourning may occur on such an occasion. In recent years some traditions have given way to less strict practices, though many customs and traditions continue to be followed.

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