Where do the tents of Maharadja Tents come from?
All our tents come from India, where they are manufactured by hand.

Are the tents waterproof?
The tents of Maharadja® Tents are furnished with a waterproof canvas outer tent.

How long does it take to deliver a tent?
If we don’t have your choice of tent in stock, then you should expect a delivery time of two months.

Do you deliver tents to the doorstep?
On request we can deliver the tent to your doorstep, for which we charge expenses of € 0.75 per km.

When hiring a tent, when is the tent delivered?
When hiring a tent, we deliver the tent the day before the rental date.

Do you assemble the tents as well?
For tent rentals, assembling the tent is standard service, at no extra charge.

How many people can tent RAJ 6*12 accommodate?
The number of people a tent can hold depends on the further interior furnishing. For a party where people stand, the standard calculation is 0.75 m2 of tent space per person. For a party with a seated dinner, for example, the calculation is 1.5 m2 of tent space per person.

I am participating in a trade fair. Can I borrow one of your tents with which to promote your company?
Maharadja Tents exists for the purpose of selling and renting tents. Providing tents for free  is by exception only. Requests should be submitted by email.

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